Answers For Co-Signers

When a friend or family member is arrested, you might be distressed at the thought of them staying in jail until their court date. In Fort Collins, the legal system permits posting bail to assure court appearance. However, this often involves a co-signer.

Before agreeing to co-sign a bail bond, it’s important to understand the process, its implications, and the potential risks if the person you’re helping fails to fulfill court requirements. Here are some key questions and answers about co-signing a bail bond.

Understanding the Need for a Co-Signer in Bail Bonds

In Fort Collins, everyone has the right to post bail, with the abolition of the death penalty. The court requires assurance that the individual will not abscond, neglect court check-ins, or commit offenses while awaiting trial.

By co-signing a bond, you guarantee the person’s court appearance and agree to cover the bail if they don’t show up. You also vouch for the accuracy of the information they provide to the court.

The Co-Signing Process

Anyone can co-sign a bail bond regardless of their relationship with the defendant. However, you must demonstrate steady income and possibly undergo a credit check to ensure you can cover the bond if needed.

Co-signers, defendants, and bail bond agents must sign the bail bond application. You’ll also sign a promissory note and an indemnity agreement detailing financial responsibilities and requirements until the court date.

The promissory note entails paying a premium to the bail bonds agent, typically at least 10% of the total bond. This fee is non-refundable, even after the defendant’s court appearance.

As a co-signer, you must keep track of hearing schedules and trial dates, ensuring the defendant attends all required appearances.

Consequences of Bail Violation

Your financial responsibility ends when the defendant fulfills all pre-trial conditions. If they fail to appear at hearings or the trial, you’re liable for the unpaid bail amount. This can be paid in installments, depending on arrangements with your bail bonds agent.

Things to Consider Before Co-Signing

Carefully evaluate the risks and responsibilities before entering a bail bond co-signer agreement. Assess the reliability and character of the person in question, considering their likelihood to comply with court instructions. If doubts arise, reconsider your decision.

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