What is Bond?

A Guide by Affordable Bail Bonds:

When the court considers someone to have committed a criminal act, the person who is charged with the crime, called the “defendant,” is given a hearing before a judge either before or during their time in jail. During this hearing, the judge will set the amount of “bail” that the State requests of the defendant so that they can await their court hearings and trials outside of jail.

While the official amount of the bail is up to the presiding Judge that is overseeing this potential criminal matter, a judge can raise or lower the bail amount depending on several factors. These factors can include if it was a violent or high profile level crime, or if the defendant may be a “flight risk.” If the Judge has any reason to think that the defendant will flee either the state or the country, the Judge may place an extremely high amount of bail funds, or in some cases, the Judge may deny bail to prevent the defendant from fleeing the court proceedings. The amount will also differ on whether the alleged crime committed was a Felony or a misdemeanor. Felony charges have the possibility of very high levels of bail required to release the defendant from jail.

Bail bonds are considered a refundable deposit that allows defendants to be released from jail and wait for their court hearing from the comfort of their homes. The bail bond itself acts as “collateral” to ensure that the defendant will return to court for their trial, and other applicable proceedings. The court will hold on to the bail bond until the court case against the defendant is concluded. As long as the defendant continues to appear in court during their required court dates, whoever posted bail for the defendant will get 100 percent of their bail bond returned back to you. In Colorado, the bail bond is cosigned with the bail bondsman. The bail bondsman is responsible for charigng the defendant a fee in return for guaranteeing the payment.

After the court hearing, where the Judge dictates how much the bail bond amount is, the defendant has two choices. The first choice is to remain in jail until the charges are resolved at trial, which could potentially take months or even years. The second choice is to pay the bail bond. You can “pay” a bail bond in two ways- payment in full or arrange for a bail bond. Bail bonds provide written agreements to criminal courts to pay the entire bail amount if the defendants whom they are warranting that they will appear at the court hearing do not appear in court.

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